• Development of buildings factual geometric model on the bases of scanned point cloud data
  • Buildings model energy analysis for long term savings
  • Preperation of visual materials for marketing and sales purposes
  • Developement of individual/custom building elements for manufacturing purposes
  • Output data preparation for BREEAM assessment


  • Quantity and quality verification for construction works and used materials
  • Analysis of buildings geometrical characteristics (walls, floors, roofs, etc.)
  • Geometrical quality analysis and monitoring during construction works
  • Quality control for renovation and reconstruction projects execution


  • BIM-based preparation for the construction purposes: 2D-3D-4D
  • Terrain modeling for area and volumetric measurements
  • Underground communication analysis and modeling
  • Executive schemes modeling and inter-linkage with 3D BIM model for facility management
  • BIM Facility management, system implementation and life cycle analysis